Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Damso Modern Korean Cuisine: Seafood Edition

Lunch with Karlsberg was a seafood-only situation at the new Korean joint next to Kingyo on Denman. I got the feeling that this place simply has a heart of gold, that they are trying really hard; to be cool, and modern, and upscale, and to be liked. It's worth looking past the tiny rough spots because the food is tasty.

Spicy Seafood Lettuce Wraps. As in SPICY spicy. As in sweating your balls off spicy. I'm sure that they were hiding in the kitchen, laughing at me as I gasped for air and mascara trickled down my face. Delicious and worth the pain.

Bibimbap - My favorite part is the rice that sticks to the side and gets super crispy. Mmmmmm.

Bouillabaisse - This was my least favorite of all three, I think I'm just generally not a fan of fish-based soups.

Do you feel like having a little something Korean?

Charming place, great flavors, really looking forward to going back to try the other assorted meats, including the Osso Bucco Bibimbap.

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